About Slacker

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Slacker Comics was conceived by various people to help artists and authors with a place for their work. The idea was bolstered by the initial concept of Ninja Vanish, one of the featured comics on the site. The idea of having Ninja Vanish as a comic book character sparked the idea of launching a comic book/graphic novel site and store which would appeal to all ages and imaginations.

The goal of Slacker Comics is to bring people’s ideas and creation to a larger audience, while pushing the boundaries of graphic novels and comics. All members of the free art Alliance (as they call themselves) are comic book fans and wondered about the decline of good stories and good imagery that they felt are lacking in comics as they grow into adults.

As part of this vision, Slacker Comics began an after school program aimed at high school students, as well as the general public, in which artists and writers could express their thoughts and creativity in an environment that wasn’t about school. Here, students are paired up with others in order to bring a graphic novel to life. We wanted this program to be not only about the art but as a mentor program.

Although the program was never able to take off due to unforeseen circumstances, we never gave up on the idea.

In the end of 2012 we decided that Slacker Comics needed to happen but the question is how. The vision of Slacker Comics was a good one but it need more. We decided to switch focus and develop Slacker Comics as a one-off comic printing company. Using the latest technology we will be able to allow the artist to “Draw it … Post it … Sell it …”. Slacker Comics will give the artist a place to showcase their work, sell it and also help them build a community.